When you embrace your true self you radiate a beauty that cannot be denied or ignored!

What is boudoir?

Boudoir is all about empowering you to see your true BEAUTY! It is a photography session slam packed with intimate imagery to leave you feeling confident, sexy, beautiful, and best of all FLAWLESS! 

Boudoir is for women and men of ALL shapes and sizes! Beauty is not defined by a pants size or a number on a scale. When you book a boudoir session with Hills Photography Studios you are sure to leave feeling like a total BOMBSHELL!

Do you want to feel confident? Do you want to embrace your curves, appreciate, and love your body? 

We only get one life to live, so embrace your true self and as Justin Timberlake said be



Are you a momma who wants to prove to herself shes still got it? Someone who needs to re-ignite that flame within themselves? Looking to treat your honey to something spicy? Ready to experience some self-love that celebrates you? 

You're in the right place! We specialize in making ladies and gents feel like FLAWLESS, CONFIDENT, FEARLESS BOMBSHELLS. You'll leave your session feeling empowered and radiating confidence. 

What are you waiting for?

What you think of yourself is so much more important than what other people think of you!


Nothing makes you more beautiful than your belief that you are BEAUTIFUL!

Your body is the only thing that has been with you through it all...Love it for everything that it is!

Every boudoir session includes our glam squad experience. Our team of professional hair & makeup artists will take you from EVERYDAY to SLAY when you arrive. All you have to do is sit back and relax! You're in fabulous hands!

Come treat yourself to something more than a sweet treat, a mani & pedi or a quick shopping trip. Come embrace your inner BOMBSHELL! Come celebrate you, your body and your journey!

Afterall, loving yourself is a journey.  

Ready to feel

confident, sexy

and fearless?

You are perfect




Embrace that fire!


Your beauty is your strength and your resilience.

Come embrace your beauty. Come endulged in some self-love!

I've never done this before, is this really for me? I'm super nervous. 

Heck yes! Are you ready to love yourself? Ready to feel absolutely breath-takingly gorgeous? Ready to showoff those curves and feel like a BOMBSHELL? Boudoir is for anyone! Are you alive and breaathing? Then you can rock this session! Everyone gets nervous, it's completely NORMAL! We will guide you through the entire process so that you feel confident and sexy!


 I don't know how to pose or I'm not photogenic. Can you help me?

Listen, you are 100% photogenic exactly as you are! If you've ever felt as though you weren't, trust that it wasn't your fault. A skilled photographer will capture your best angles and your most flattering assets. ROCK THEM! You've got this! We'll be there to help pose and get you into the most flattering and comfortable positions for your bodytype. You will look AMAZING! I promise!

Where will my session take place? 

All boudoir clients have 3 options as far as location goes. You can select a session in our downtown Greenville, SC studio location, in your home, or if you're feeling adventurous outdoors. It's really wherever you're most comfortable.

Are my images private or protected?

YES! Images are not shared without permission! If you select a digital portrait package your images will be loaded to an online gallery that is password protected and hidden from our website, so that only those you want seeing the images...see them.

Do you offer different packages?

We currently offer 3 different package options:




All of our boudoir sessions include our glam squad experience with our professional hair & makeup artists and include  a various amount in product credit. 

Average client investment is between $1200-$1800.

Do you offer "MINI SESSIONS?"

THE BOMBSHELL session is a 30 minute La Petite held in studio only. The session includes professional hair & makeup, which requires an hour of time prior to your photography session, and a $75 product credit to use towards your purchase of imagery, keepsakes, and products.

When are my images ready? When will I receieve my products?

Imagery is ready 2 to 3 weeks after your photography session. We will review all imagery captured at your reveal and ordering session which is scheduled at your photography session. We will assist you in selecting the best imagery for your keepsakes and gifts and you will be able to touch and feel product samples. Heirloom keepsakes are typically returned within 1 week of your reveal and ordering session. If albums are selected, the return time is roughly 1 week from the time of approval on your album proof.

Do you offer props or wardrobe?

We do have a collection of robes and props for use, however, due to various body shapes and sizes we do not currently have a wardrobe collection.

What does my session include?

Each package has different inclusions but all include our glam squad experience! 


Beauty begins the moment you decide to be YOURSELF!

You are worthly of feeling beautiful! You are worthly of love! What better way to feel beautiful and loved than to treat yourself to some self-love?

You are 





You deserve to feel empowered!

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